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High Quality Grooming Products

Abraham’s Men’s Products

Abraham’s Men’s Products was borne out of the idea to create high quality grooming products, which are effective on both bearded men and men without facial hair. This is what makes our products applicable to all skin types. Abraham’s Men’s Products are thoroughly tested on men of varying hair types and skin conditions before going to market. The ingredients that we use cater to any skin type from dry to oily.

After successfully launching our Barber Line, we took the time to introduce a Premium Line. This move was a natural progression as our initial Barber Line saw great success in traditional barbershops; when the time came to create something that was a reflection of our sophisticated taste in terms of aesthetics and fragrances. Whereas our Barber Line is inspired by classic fragrances you grew up with getting haircuts as a child into adulthood. The Premium Line is inspired by fragrances made for royalty to the more contemporary.

Abraham’s Men’s Product lines were created to offer something for anyone’s personal style and taste, and again, for bearded men, the mustachioed and the clean cut.